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What is print book formatting?

The preparation of a PDF file for print books involves making sure it complies with the publisher’s specifications and provides a pleasant reading experience

Why do you require formatting for your print book?

Each publishing platform has particular specifications that must be met.

Which publishing platforms do we format books for?

We format for all of the major publishing platforms, including Amazon KDP Print and IngramSpark. We guarantee that all platforms will accept the lone PDF file we supply.

When will my book be ready?

We offer some of the industry’s quickest turnaround times. Our turnaround time is 10 days after receiving payment. 3 days for urgent jobs.

We design and format books for all major publishing sites

Print Book Formatting Prices

Number of WordsPrint PDF
Prices USD
Print PDF
up to 50k$175-200 + extras* (see below)Request a Quote
50 to 100k$200-250 + extras* (see below)Request a Quote
100 to 150k$250-270 + extras* (see below)Request a Quote
150 to 200k$270-290 + extras* (see below)Request a Quote
200k +Request a QuoteRequest a Quote



Receive a 10% discount on a single order of print formatting plus two or more or ebook file formats for one book.*

*The following format types are eligible: doc, mobi, epub, PDF (for print)

The aforementioned costs are for straightforward fiction books without any extras and are just provided as a suggestion. Nonfiction books and books with extras like illustrations, tables, graphs, footnotes, endnotes, etc. may have a range of prices. For a firm price, kindly request a quote; we’ll consider the entire scope of the project, not simply the word count.

All prices in USD


Why Publish with us?

We are an author services consultancy.
We work for you!

Quality auditors carefully review each formatted book before publication.

We work on the principle “if you are not satisfied, we are not happy”. We will not publish without your satisfaction and approval.

We are true partners with our authors.

We work with the highest of ethics and integrity.

We take NO royalties. Your book, your files, your money.
We work for you.

Our Print Book Formatting Service Includes:

Our Print Book Formatting Process

Step 1


The first step in our process is evaluating your manuscript and sending you quote for approval.

Step 2


We will send you an invoice for the payment as soon as you approve the quote. Once you pay invoice we will begin formatting

Step 3


We’ll provide the author a few special layouts we made just for their work. After reaching an understanding, we typeset the information in the layout in question at a particular trim size.

Step 4


For the interior book, you get a PDF proof. After your approval, it will be published via self-publishing websites including KDP, Amazon, and Ingram spark, among others.

Is your book cover part of a series?

Bring it on! Let us design professional and creative book cover designs for your series.

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Book formatting refers to the process of preparing a manuscript for publication. It involves structuring the content, adjusting fonts, setting margins, adding page numbers, and ensuring the book looks polished and professional.

The most common book formats are paperback and hardcover. Paperback books have soft, flexible covers, while hardcover books have rigid, durable covers. Additionally, eBooks are becoming increasingly popular due to their digital format.

 Interior formatting includes setting the font style and size, line spacing, margins, and alignment. It’s essential to choose a readable font and an appropriate font size. Standard line spacing is 1.5 or double-spaced, and margins should provide sufficient white space for a comfortable reading experience.

The size of your book depends on the format you choose. For paperback books, common sizes include 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 6″ x 9″. For hardcover books, standard sizes can be 6″ x 9″ or 5.5″ x 8.5″.For Children books size standard size can be 8*10, 8.5*8.5 etc. However, you can choose book size from Publishing Platforms EBooks don’t have fixed sizes, as readers can adjust the font and layout on their word devices. Please refer following links for most commonly used Trim sizes

Headers and footers are optional but can be useful for adding page numbers, chapter titles, or the book title. Page numbers are especially important for print books to help readers navigate the content easily.

 A table of contents is essential, especially for non-fiction books and novels with multiple chapters. It provides readers with an overview of the book’s structure, making it easier for them to find specific sections or chapters.

 Dialogue is typically indented and placed in separate paragraphs for each speaker. Quotations from other sources should be properly cited and may be formatted with quotation marks or as block quotes, depending on the citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).

Page breaks are used to start new chapters or sections on a new page. Section breaks, like “Odd Page” or “Even Page,” are used when formatting headers or footers differently on facing pages in print books.

Yes, you can include images, illustrations, or graphics in your book. Make sure they have high resolution and are placed appropriately within the text. In eBooks, consider using formats compatible with different eReaders.

Yes, eBook and print versions require different formatting. eBooks need to be designed to accommodate various eReader devices and screen sizes, while print books require considerations for physical dimensions and printing specifications.

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Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned pro, our self-publishing services offer everything you need to create a high-quality book that reflects your unique voice and vision. From editing and formatting to cover design and marketing, we provide all the support you need to make your book a success. With our user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and dedicated support team, you can rest assured that your book is in good hands.  Start your self-publishing journey today and see why so many writers trust us to help them achieve their publishing goals.


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