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Embrace the Joy of Self-Publishing with Kia Technologies!

Self-Publishing Distribution

Self-publishing distribution service is a game-changer. The self-publishing platforms provide tools and services for authors to publish, market, and distribute their books in both digital and print formats.

Popular platforms that facilitate book distribution

The self-publishing platform collaborates with significant online book sellers to make sure that millions of potential readers can access your book from anywhere in the world. The major self-publishing platforms are Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Ingramspark, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Lulu, BookBaby, etc

Quick and Easy Publishing

The days of having to wait months or even years to see your work published are long gone. You won’t need to wait months to publish your book thanks to our fast procedure.

Competitive Royalties

Before selecting a self-publishing site, authors should carefully research and compare their alternatives because each platform may have its own terms, royalties rates, and distribution networks.


Online Distribution

India Online Distribution

Price : $60 We will make your book available on all leading ecommerce websites like, Flipkart online book store from where your readers can buy the paperback or Hardcover copy of your book as applicable.

International Online Distribution

Price : $60 The world’s largest book retailer, Amazon, has online stores operating in the majority of industrialised nations. Your book will be made available throughout the Amazon network in the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan, etc. thanks to our international distribution service. Regardless of its format, India Distribution will make your book available in paperback version with either a full-color or a full-black-and-white inside.

Our Distribution Process

  1. Your manuscript is received by the Kia Technologies Production Team
    • Completed, Edited, Word for Windows Format Preferred
  2. The manuscript becomes part of the Kia Technologies Workflow Process
    • The Print book is formatted
  3. The Cover is Designed
    • We discuss cover concepts with you. You may provide artwork, or we will purchase it on your behalf at your expense.
  4. The cover is now expanded and designed for a paperback book (including ISBN number).
  5. You receive a digital PDF proof of the Print Book and Cover
  6. You approve the both Paperback and cover.
  7. The interior and cover electronic files are uploaded to Ingram spark, KDP Amazon, Lulu and more…
  8. Kia Technologies receives a copy of the proof.
  9. Kia Technologies provides a quality inspection and approves the proof.
  10. The manuscript now returns to production for ebook formatting.
  11. You approve the eBook.
  12. The eBook is uploaded to:
    • Amazon KDP
    • Smashwords
    • Nook
    • Ingramspark
    • Kobo
    • and more . . .
  13. The book is immediately for sale to the author at direct cost.
  14. The book begins its journey into the Ingram Distribution Channel/KDP Distribution Channel.
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