IP Support Services

Kia Technologies provides comprehensive IP services through its experienced team. Kia technologies strategically manage all the aspects of IP services to as to provide its client high quality Patent services. The team at Kia Technologies is experienced in handling IP matter across the word. The services that we provide are tailored to meet client’s requirements resulting into cost effective and high quality services

Proof Reading

We have a dedicated patent proof-reading team who works with our clients. We provide multiple levels of quality check steps thus we are able to provide you best in the industry. We prepare a detailed analysis report with suggestions. We take inputs from you and provide you the final version.

The process can be used to avoid any error from drafted applications as well as for filing Certificate of correction.

Trademark Services

We have in-house team of lawyers and trademark agents. We have experience of filing more than 500 trademarks.

We offer following trademark services:

1. Trademark search Our experts search for "confusingly similar" names and also for other statutory reasons for rejection, in order to give a true picture of register ability. Our trademark search includes relevant classes in order to make sure that there is no identical or similar trademark already registered or for which an application for registration has been submitted.

2. Trademark Filing and Prosecution Support We help our clients in filing and prosecuting their trademark applications in all jurisdictions at competitive price.

3. Unfair Competition or Trademark Infringement We provide visual comparison of infringing trademarks so that to help you and support you in trademark infringement law suits. We also help you in identifying the potential infringers of your trademark.

a. Patent Database

b. Non-patent Database

c. Domain Specific Databases


i. IT and Electronics

ii. Chemistry and Biotech

Delphion National Medical Library IEEE REGISTRY
Micropatent Pubmed/Medline ACM CAPlus
Thomson Innovation Science Direct National Science Library DGene
  IP.com Telecommunication Union MARPAT
  Scirus SPIE PUB Chem Structure
  Google Scholar    

Drawings / Illustration Services

We provide illustration service at competitive prices at sharp turnaround time to IP practitioner all around the world. We specialize in drawings tools such as CoralDraw, Visio etc. We provide these services to patent attorneys and inventors. We provide final output that is as per USPTO requirements and are filing ready with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for foreign patents. We have various engagement models that can be customized as per your requirements.

We are experienced in providing all patent drawings, including:

We can provide custom format to your specifications or you can choose from standard formats:

  • • Design
  • • Utility
  • • Screenshots
  • • Flowcharts
  • • Medical
  • • Chemical
  • • Electrical schematics

  • Our Services

  • • Formal drawings from Colored images, Computer screen shots etc.
  • • Replacement drawings
  • • PCT drawings
  • • Mechanical drawings including Isometric drawings, assembly drawings, sectional drawings, detailed drawings, exploded view drawings, cut-away drawings, Plan, Elevation etc.
  • • Flow charts
  • • Complex graphs
  • • Technical drawings
  • • Design patent drawings
  • • Trademark/logo design
  • • Conversion of colored images into grey scale
  • • Drawings from Microphotographs, DNA Sequencing
  • • Illustration art has particular expertise in electrical, storage, computer, networking, enterprise software, and medical device relate technologies.

  • For more information please write to us at:
    [email protected]