Optical Character Reading

OCR is a process thru which scanned images are "read" to convert them into editable text. This conversion is performed after scanning, and may output formatted text or text-only files (flat ASCII files). Text generated by OCR is often input into text search databases, allowing retrieval of the original scanned image based on its content

We at Kia Technologies guarantee the maximum accuracy of the documents OCR’ed by us. The process involves word by word proofreading of the documents there by ensuring the maximum accuracy of the data.

The process of OCR at Kia Technologies is unique and guarantees the maximum accuracy as we understand the criticality of information for client.

The process of OCR involves:
  • • Running the OCR on the images.
  • • Creating single text file for every page or multiple pages (as per the requirement.)
  • • Proof reading the entire text against the original document.
  • • Correcting the spellings of words.
  • • Capturing of those missing words which could not be OCR’ed.
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