Litigation Coding Services

Kia Technologies utilizes comprehensive bibliographic coding processes to create an accurate index that is searchable in any type of database including Concordance and Summation. After the documents get coded an experience team reviews the complete data to locate and correct any type of errors.

Kia Technologies adopts 100% quality control techniques that includes, but not confined to, field conformity, spell check, number checking, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The coding databases are customized according to client’s requirements, using standard or customized fields. Kia Technologies offers both Objective and subjective coding including Logical determination (LDD).

Logical Document Determination (LDD):

In the unitization process, each image is reviewed to distinguish logical documents from each other and to define attachment relationships among the documents (i.e., parent-attachments). Unitization enables database users to search and retrieve documents by a particular date, author, or other coded field even when those documents were buried as report attachments in the original, physically bound collection. While allowing this specifically in searching, correct unitization of parent-attachment groups also shows the document in context. Users are able to find a particular document and see in its database record the Bates numbers of other attached documents.

Bibliographic Coding

The bibliographic coding includes the capturing of information for the following fields:

  • • Beginning Bates
  • • Ending Bates
  • • Beginning Attachment
  • • Ending Attachment
  • • Document Type
  • • Date
  • • Date Estimated
  • • Title
  • • Author / Author Organization
  • • Recipient / Recipient Organization
  • • CC and BCC
  • • Document Attributes (Characteristics)
  • • In – Text Coding

Apart from the fields coded for Bibliographic coding additional information from the documents is captured like Keyword and Names mentioned in-text, etc., as per the requirement of client.

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