Opening new opportunity to enhance your revenue

If you are a publisher or author and are looking to augment the readers for your product, Kia Technologies can open the doors for you by providing the best of electronic books to be read on most advanced digital products.

We can create the replica of your paper backed book to be read on iPad, Sony Reader, KF8, Nook etc to name few. Our team of experts will give you the right solution depending upon the book you want to convert into digital format.

Our electronic books are not just the flat conversion of text, we take care of every aspect of your books and try to maintain the same look as it appears in its original form except where the devices does not support the format.

Why KIA TECHNOLOGIES for eBook services:

Conversion Engines: Kia Technologies DO NOT use any of the conversion software to convert any of your ebook. We write our own CSS and html file to create ebook,this helps us to keep us always know of what we are doing and what change will help to make your product better.

Experience: We have dedicated experienced team working with us from long time, with creation of more than 2000 ebooks on different subjects, we believe ourselves to be competent enough to take new challenges.

Finished Product:Whatever we do we do with conviction, each of your eBook passes through high quality checks. Every book is parsed for the error before it is being delivered to you. You can directly upload your eBook.

Commitment: Delivery on time with high quality is what making us survive in the industry.

Post Production: How small the job is, Kia Technologies provides 100% post production support. Each of our clients is equally important and we provide similar service benefits to each one of them.

For more information on our eBook Services, please write to us at

[email protected]
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The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licences worldwide. More than 7,500 exhibitors from 110 countries, 290,000 visitors and over 10,000 journalists.